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Expression of thought.

I only used yellow so the text posts would should against my background

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are lesbian mermaids called h2omosexuals

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I don’t really know how on earth to handle this. Is it going to remain this way, shall I go to a shelter downtown? I haven’t anywhere else to turn I’m afraid. No,.I just gotta tough through it..


Last Light. by Gordie Broon. on Flickr.

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Straight from the fridge, man.

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"And you said that in the morning I’d be fine."

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I’m sorry everyone,I’ve lost so many followers while I’ve been away. Unfortunately, things have been terribly chaotic lately. I was in the ER a couple day ago over a terrible panic attack brought on by my drunk father. I really just want to vent, but not on a social media site. I’ve just been going crazy lately. Keep faith followers, I’ll be back!




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Oh my God what

it’s actually really cute